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Hong Kong

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Julie Karlsson*


Hong Kong, April

Tuesday, 2 p.m. I just got out of my second interview for an investment analyst position at Ivanhoé Cambridge’s Hong Kong office. I was very happy to spot the job posting, only a few months after I made the big move from Montreal to Hong Kong with my partner, who has been working at one of the big banks here since January.

I had been keeping an eye on what the company was doing for a while. I was immediately impressed by its financial performance but also by its approach to talent management. It offers programs that encourage employees to go the extra mile and really shine in their work. They apply best practices to the employee experience and workplace wellness. There are also many opportunities for teams to get involved in charitable undertakings, which means a lot to me. I had heard about Giving Back Day, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie and the United Way campaign, but also about other local initiatives, like what they do here in Hong Kong. The company gives close to $2 million to communities around the world every year. Giving back to those who are less fortunate only makes sense. But when your employer supports your efforts, that’s even better!

The recruitment process confirms what I thought about the company. There’s a palpable sense of pride of working for Ivanhoé Cambridge at every level of the company. It’s no wonder that the company has made the list of the best employers in Canada for several years. I did everything in my power to land the job. Fingers crossed!

Fictional person/story

At Ivanhoé Cambridge, we strive to offer our employees — and future employees like Julie — a work environment that motivates and inspires. We are committed to meeting their needs and expectations — upstream wherever possible. Investing in an internal mobility program and encouraging employees to get involved in causes that are near and dear to their heart are two of the ways we achieve this objective. Moreover, we strive to give them the tools to grow in a workplace backed by the best management methods and an environment that reflects our professional ethics and core values.

Parity objective


Creating an optimal work environment entails putting equitable work processes in place to ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities. In 2018, we were awarded Parity Certification by Women in Governance, along with 31 other Canadian employers. This distinction recognizes our efforts in working toward parity in leadership, advancement and recruitment.

In the past several years, one of the initiatives we have undertaken to promote greater parity has been to invite six of our female employees to take part in an event known as Défi 100 jours L’effet A. This professional-development program aims to encourage women to pursue their career ambitions in three ways: building confidence, learning strategic risk management skills and finding out how to develop and leverage a strong business network. In addition to attending workshops and presentations, participants have the opportunity to listen to inspiring women leaders from a variety of backgrounds.

Women in Governance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support Canadian businesses in increasing female representation in upper management and in positions where there have always been proportionately fewer women. The organization has developed a standard that assesses not only parity in corporate governance but also the mechanisms required to ensure that women at every hierarchical level can advance their careers.

2018 cohort of Défi 100 jours L’effet A.

A world of possibilities

Learning, growing and trying new things: professional development is one of the cornerstones of our talent management approach. Attracting and retaining the most skilled professionals is possible only if they are also given the opportunity to excel in their field. Training and developing the next generation is one of the fundamental considerations of this approach.

Internal mobility paves the way for new career opportunities. This can take the form of a vertical promotion or a lateral transfer and can involve a change of business units or a move to a new geographical market. Internal mobility helps develop our talent pool and improve our competency levels. As a result, we help employees fulfil their professional aspirations and contribute to Ivanhoé Cambridge’s success.

Close to 500 of our employees took part in our seventh annual Giving Back Day.

A thousand ways to make a difference in our communities

We are a part of the cities and communities where we operate. Having a positive impact by giving back to these communities is consistent with our core values and our teams’ aspirations. It’s a shared responsibility. We contribute financially to a range of charitable organizations, but it is also important for us to give employees the opportunity to get involved on a personal level with the causes that mean something to them. This helps ensure a more significant and sustainable outcome for the community, not to mention the motivational impact on our teams. Simply put, generosity is in our genes!

Giving Back Day

Close to 500 of our employees took part in our seventh annual Giving Back Day in 2018. In our offices and properties around the world, including Hong Kong, Mumbai, Paris, São Paulo, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, participants took a day off to pitch in and help 39 different community organizations, all chosen in accordance with our values and our donations and sponsorships policy. Among the many activities employees took part in were cooking for people in need, cleaning up natural environments, building housing for low-income families, sorting through donated clothing, food and other items, and planting trees and gardens. In total, these activities represented close to 3,700 hours of work in one day to make a real difference for these community organizations and the people they serve.

This year, 12 of our employees participated in the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie.

Grand défi Pierre Lavoie


This year, a dozen of our employees took part in this major cycling event that raised more than $2 million for research into very rare diseases and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits. Participants were required to cycle the 1,000 kilometres between La Baie and Montreal in less than 70 hours. The members of each five-person team cycled day and night, taking turns behind the handlebars, in all sorts of weather. Every year, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie brings together thousands of people across Quebec to support medical research and public awareness about the importance of physical activity. This year, our teams sponsored two elementary schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, raising money for them to purchase sporting equipment.

Give-and-Take Program

The aim of the Give-and-Take Program is to encourage our staff to invest themselves within their community. Under the program, employees can take two paid days off a year to volunteer for a charity that is important to them.

Fit for Good!

We cover the registration fees for employees who take part in sports activities organized to raise funds for a charitable organization. For example, in 2018, our teams took part in a beach volleyball tournament to raise funds for SickKids hospital in Toronto, as well as a 5-kilometre race through Montreal’s underground city to support an organization that fights against physical inactivity among adolescents, young families and retirees.

Community involvement


Once again this year, we actively participated in the United Way campaign to support the most underprivileged members of our society. Employees in our offices and properties can give to the campaign in a variety of ways: by helping out with fundraisers, by becoming workplace ambassadors for the cause or by signing up for the payroll donation program. In total, $500,000 was given to United Way in 2018.

Community engagement

Almost $2 M invested in non-profit organizations

Nearly 4,000 volunteer hours invested by our employees

$500,000 given to United Way in 2018

A top employer in Canada


We maintained our top employer status for the seventh year in a row. We were named one of the 45 best employers in Montreal and also made the top 100 list for Canada. Both rankings, overseen by Mediacorp, assess organizations based on eight criteria: physical workplace; social atmosphere; health, financial and family benefits; vacation and time off; communications; performance management; training and skills development; and community involvement.

These honours are a source of pride for us. They speak to the hard work we put in all year round to create an appealing, stimulating work environment that is conducive to the wellness of our staff. We believe that these efforts help strengthen our sustainability as a company and community member.

We owe our exceptional position in the real estate industry first and foremost to the skilled teams of professionals who make up our organization. They are at the heart of all of our decisions and investments. That is why, in our offices around the world, we cultivate the best talent and offer them the very best working environment for their development.

We were named by Mediacorp one of the 45 best employers in Montreal and also made the top 100 list for Canada.

Work environments are changing. The needs and expectations of our teams are evolving as younger generations join the workforce. Our ability to anticipate these needs is what is enabling us to maintain our edge as an employer of choice.

Myriam Blouin

Executive Vice President, Organizational Alignment and Human Resources

Myriam Blouin

Executive Vice President, Organizational Alignment and Human Resources

Myriam Blouin is responsible for all of Ivanhoé Cambridge’s human resources activities. To that end, she sets the strategy framework and oversees management of talent, compensation, and benefits as well as other aspects relating to labour conditions and human capital.

Ms. Blouin, who has been a member of the Ivanhoé Cambridge senior executive team since November 2017, has more than 25 years’ experience in human resources. Prior to joining the company, she was Senior Vice President, Talent Management and Organizational Development, for the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. She earlier spent more than 20 years with Rio Tinto Alcan, the world’s leading aluminium producer, where she was head of Human Resources for the Business Development and Growth unit, among other roles.

Her duties included a five-year stint in Australia, where she successively held the positions of Manager, Human Resources, for the company’s Gove Operations, and Director, Human Resources, for its Bauxite & Alumina Pacific Operations division. She was also Human Resources Director for major development projects around the world, including one in South Africa.